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At CT&T we believe business is always done in a truly Win-win fashion. Our products and services encapsulate top quality, top service and top processes that our clients and vendors alike appreciate. As a company with a proven record of successful surveillance project implementation, we know how to provide superior management and our philosophy does not allow compromising on these standards.

We manage to preserve our firm focus on our principles by safeguarding a work atmosphere according to the following core values:

Client Family

Treating our clients just like our family

We firmly believe in treating our clients just like our family members. From the first call with the client we constantly endeavor to form a firm bond with our client that enables us to perfectly understand the needs and provide exact solution in such a way as to form a long lasting relationship. We believe project delivered right first time is the key for repeated business and faster and longer spreading work of mouth referrals.


Maintaining full focus and dedication

We strive to be the best in our field of providing very high quality surveillance security solutions to our clients. In keeping with this endeavor, we ensure every aspect of our company portrays our passion towards our business of surveillance. We strive to keep up to date with latest happenings in the field, research, improvise to deliver absolutely best in the industry. Our passion and commitment drives us to excel in the development and realization of innovative solutions. This team dedication and enthusiasm stems from our belief in each other and the pride we take in our products.


Developing credibility is always at core

We believe staying honest and forthright with clients, our employees and vendors is the cornerstone philosophy of how we operate. This belief is fully enforced and ingrained in every employee. Provide the clients with best possible solutions which may or may not be what the client is looking for. But never try to impress the client with solutions and abilities that we do not possess or believe in.


Continuous development of our potential

Steady growth is always a result of staying dynamic and improvising our products and solutions we provide to our client. Sustaining growth in a constantly evolving market is a task that needs to be nurtured by continuous training, retraining, research and improvisation. Learning from our experience and knowledge that grows every day with each new project that brings us valuable new insights, that we in-turn are able to translate into developing innovative solutions.


Giving back is a responsibility

We believe in responsible giving. Business is a two way street. Profits is one way and giving back in the other way. We always strive to give back to the community we gain from in any way that can add superior value to the existence in any form or shape. We engage in monitory, mentorship, information sharing and help with complimentary products and services.