DVR2010 Video Surveillance System
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The DVR2010 system from CT&T is a powerful and versatile digital video storage and retrieval system with remote viewing and live video capability. It supports hundreds of different kinds of professional cameras including Analog, IP camera and many more, card access and alarm panel integration.
The system offers a combination of performance and scalability. DVR2010 can be configured as a 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 camera system with extensive storage capacity, impressive connectivity, and multiple levels of password protection. DVR2010 can also be configured as a hybrid system with any of the 4, 8, or 16, 32-channel analog cards. Another option is to go pure IP using the DVR2010 “X” software. Recording rates for IP systems using MPEG-4 are up to 480 ips. Analog systems havean overall recording rate of 240 ips and resolution up to 640×480 using color or black and white cameras.DVR2010 is the video surveillance solution able to meet all of the requirements of loss prevention managers and investigators.

  • Hybrid capability, record analog and IP cameras simultaneously
  • Alarm Event transmission across POTS or LAN/WAN (video verification)
  • Integration to DMP alarm panels
  • Thousands of operational systems in use throughout the US and Canada
  • Each camera’s frame rate is configured by each ½ hour of the day (four unique frame rate settings available). Storage needs are also are also individually configured.
  • Open-architecture system that allows expansion and takes full advantage of future technological advancements. The ability to upgrade rather than be replaced as technology advances.
  • A system that doesn’t require return to factory for repairs. All computer components are all standard Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) PC boards and drives.
  • Remote diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities.
  • A price competitive system with robust standard features.
  • Complete Immervison lens support
  • Support for a wide variety of IP cameras and encoders
  • By providing selectable image quality, individually user defined frame capture rates and storage times,remote access capability, and upgradeable software, DVR2010 makes no compromise on quality and flexibility, and providesa migration path for cost-effective future enhancements, and expansion.

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