Offsite Cloud Based Backup
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Imagine situation where the perpetrator breaks in the store or house and steals expensive belongings, cash, jewelry and other expensive pieces. You feel you can nab the thief. However, the thief outsmarts by stealing the DVR/NVR box itself. What is the use of the big investment in DVR if it cannot get us the video when needed?

Evolution of Video Storage

Introducing CT&T Cloud Vault Solution that provides a safe and reliable cloud based offsite video storage portal for live and recorded video data. With this service, there is no need to worry about stolen DVR/NVR box as the vital video footage is backed up online on cloud.

  • Cloud based portal for Live and Recorded playback
  • Direct video feeds to a secure data center
  • No DVR/PC required! Internet streaming
  • Flexible monthly package plans for number of cameras and number of weeks of required history
  • Supports many brands of IP cameras and video servers, including Sony, Arecont, Panasonic, IQEye, Axis and Toshiba
  • Works with TotalSecure Hybrid Series DVR, Total Secure Capture cards and TotalSecure video servers
  • Internet based viewing of one or more sites at one once
  • As a stand alone solution or as a redundant DVR site
  • Realtime “Heartbeat” and reporting system
  • Ideal for cottage, residential and small business!