Video Loss Detection Systems
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Many local authorities and corporate policies mandate establishments like Gas Pumps to induce the DVR system with some kind of mechanism to automatically shut off the pumps in case there is a video loss detected. This is for security and safety purposes. However not many DVRs and NVRs available today are equipped with such a mechanism to automatically disengage an equipment in case of video loss from any of the cameras. The CT&T Video Loss Detection Solutions use industry leading hardware and software products to provide highly accurate and reliable video loss detection mechanisms. Let it be for a single or multiple cameras scenarios. This involves real time electronic monitoring of Analog and IP cameras ports. Any camera signal loss triggers a relay to trip a connected device. This solution can be used in various scenarios like triggering alarms, sirens, shutting off gas pumps. The customized solution can be designed to integrate with existing surveillance system in most cases. Call us for more details and specific requirements.