DVR2010 With Data Capture
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  • Ability for remote access that allows you to see live and recorded video of the store’s cameras.
  • Ability to search transaction level detail post transaction (ability to search transaction history):
  • DVR2010 is integrated with the POS via serial connection. This serial integration enables data integration and search capability. As a result of a search, the solution shows the transaction detail along with the video.

Example searches:

Refunds, No Sales, Transactions under an amount (e.g. $1.00),

  • Transactions with a discount, Transactions with coupons and by Time & Date.
  • Also provides a “Search Editor” to add new criteria with no limitation of number of search items added. You can derive any data from the POS system as long as it appears on the receipt.
  • Ability to provide receipt details (when an item is purchased you can see the text of the item with pricing on the computer screen with a plain background without any distortion to the camera picture):
  • Data Capture is the capability to provide the transaction detail in a separate screen with the live video. The data capture detail provided is for the franchisee or manager to see that the transaction matches the product provided to the guest. For example, the data capture would show that a MD coffee and a Bagel were purchased which matches the underlying video of a MD coffee and bagel in a bag being handed to the guest.

Clarifying notes:

  • The Serial data feed provides the detail of the final transaction and is a receipt equivalent.
  • The Serial data feed is sent to the video surveillance system at the time the transaction is tendered (i.e. when the receipt is printed).
  • The Serial data feed does NOT include touch-by-touch detail. This means that cancelled items do not appear in Text Overlay nor is able to be searched.
  • The level of detail should not be confused that the Text Overlay needs to be touch-by-touch detail as provided by IP integration. This can be easily integrated with Dunkin brand’s co-operation.